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Imperial Services Pte Ltd is a local cleaning service company established by a team of young individuals that has institute from humble, professional residential cleaning for households. Experiences in household cleaning have molded our team in to maintaining premises at a meticulous level, just like our homes. With background from Engineering and Cleaning Expertise, your premises will be managed with utmost care.

Imperial Services believes in establishing strong customer relationship through trusted servicing. On top of top-notch hygiene, we want our customers to be free from worries when engaging us.

Imperial’s expertise lies in cleaning of offices, private premises and estate, schools and commercial buildings. We also provide specialized cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, glass cleaning, Moving In/Out Cleaning and etc.

We believe in customer satisfaction by providing consistent and efficient cleaning services to our customers.Therefore, we send our staffs to government approved training institutes to ensure they are well equipped with the necessary skills to keep up with customers’ demands.

Our staff are constantly monitored by a professional and approachable management team who ensures that every cleaning service is carried out punctually, safely and smoothly to meet and exceed the customer’s requirements.

At Imperial Services, your feedback is important for us to excel further. We SERVE more than what you need!

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