Common house cleaning mistakes

Common house cleaning mistakes

Common house cleaning mistakes

Have you been cleaning your house lately? Or have you been doing that consistently for a long period of time? You might not know, but there are actually many misconceptions on what works and what doesn’t. Thus, this article seeks to address all these misconceptions and even discuss if there is a need for you to be engaged in an expert that provides professional house cleaning services in Singapore.

Using A Feather Duster

With many posters and banners show casing a person using a feather duster to clean a house and ensuring that the house remains spotless at the end of the day, actually, what you might not notice is that this equipment is actually a ‘dust keeper’. A feather duster is often the culprit for distributing dust around the surface that you would like to clean. It often brushes off the dust instead of removing it.

Using The Old Mop

The mop which is often used around the house can actually be one of the dirtiest cleaning equipment. It is the agent for moving bacteria from room to the other instead of removing bacteria. The key here is to wash your mop regularly or try using a fringe wiper. If you do, be clear to exchange it once every few months.

Using Gloves To Protect Your Hands

It is often said that the use of gloves is hygienic and it will protect your hands against bacteria. However, have you ever considered that the same glove that you use overtime is helping you to keep your perspiration or unclean water that enters into it? This concoction can easily breed germs especially in the environment that we live in in Singapore. To get rid of this, simply put some flour into your gloves before use and let the flour absorb the moisture. After that, clean them, and unfold them to air-dry.

Using Of Wet Wipes

Have you ever noticed that after using your wet wipes to clean a surface, there is still dust settling on it afterward? This is due to the fact that moisture will attract dust. Therefore, a better thing to do is to use anti-static wipes. An additional thing that you can do is to polish those surface that you would like to clean with a mixture of standard fabric softener and water. This will prevent your surface from getting dusty immediately.

Using A Spray Cleaner Wrongly

Spraying a cleaner directly onto furniture, countertops or glass can cause a build-up of the solution, leading to greasy furniture and surfaces, and streaky windows. This also could cause dirt and dust to stick to them more firmly.

Spray cleaning solution on a microfiber cleaning cloth or disposable paper towel, then wipe down surfaces.

Still unsure of how to ensure your home or office is best cleaned? Why not engage in a cleaning agency in Singapore today?

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