How to hire the right cleaning company for my office?

How to hire the right cleaning company for my office?

How to hire the right cleaning company for my office

Before you think about engaging in an office cleaning company in Singapore, a quick tip is that you need to start doing your research and write down your expectations.

Understand Your Personal Expectations

If you are helping your company source for professional cleaning services, you need to start by asking your management what is the standard to meet as well as the budget limitation.

After you have gotten the budget, you can start searching for the various cleaning agencies in Singapore and enquiring about their rates.

Start Doing Your Research

After you have finalized your budget, you can start searching for your desired cleaning company. After you have shortlisted a few companies, you can start to enquire with them. The aim here is to get to know more about their expertise, range of work and prices. After all, you are trying to get the most suitable company to do the best job for you.

Staff Expertise

The quality of a cleaning company’s service is actually determined by their management and their cleaning staffs. Ensure that their staffs are well-trained, certified and that there is enough manpower to cover for incidents such as staffs leaves, sick leaves, etc. With a great team, you can have the peace of mind that the job will not be half-done, but that the job will be done optimally based on the time frame set.

Company’s Certifications

Some companies might not have their certifications displayed on their website, thus it is important you check with their representatives. This is especially important in Singapore, after all, there are many minimum standards to meet and laws in place.

Scope of Work

For the price that you are paying for, it is important that you enquire about the scope of work that the company is offering. Certain companies are more flexible and are willing to understand their clients’ needs and really come up with solutions for every problem. A good cleaning company will definitely meet most of the demands that you give.


Lastly, get to understand the contractual terms regarding damages done to the space or even the workers. Ensure that you too are insured. If not, you might be the person responsible for any additional costs if any unforeseen circumstances occur. Get to know if their cleaners are insured and ensure that no additional costs will be incurred without you noticing.

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