Types of specialized cleaning services

Types of specialized cleaning services

Types of specialized cleaning services

Here at Imperial Services, we offer specialized cleaning services, but what exactly does that entail? Here we will be discuss and informing you of the types of specialized cleaning services out there in the market.

Move In Out Cleaning

This type of cleaning is for those who need the extra hand to move their things to a new home, and you would need the original house to be clean and spotless. This is especially helpful for those that have a time constraint and would need to focus on moving the items out of the home instead of cleaning it.

Deep Cleaning

This is a more advanced cleaning even when it comes to home cleaning. This involves cleaning every single property in the house such as carpets, floors, kitchen equipment and furniture. This would require a higher level of expertise because it involves a more elaborate cleaning technique with high powered cleaning equipment. From removing stains and odour, and ensuring that the house really remains spotless and is free of germs.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning simply means the cleaning of furniture and giving them the shine that one desires. This is especially useful for house owners who are pet owners. Because of your pets, you can be sure that your furniture especially your sofa gets worked on a lot. Thus, this type of cleaning will really help you remove the crumbs, stains and blemishes that you might not even notice.

Office Commercial Cleaning

Office cleaning is a broad term that is used in many commercial cleaning companies. From the word, you can easily deduce that this involves ensuring that an office is cleaned and remains productive for workers to be in. Depending on the company, this can involve the cleaning of lightings, furniture, office equipment, and the list goes on.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning involves a lot of dirty work. This often involves factory cleaning, floors cleaning, machinery management, etc. Usually one would engage in this if cleaning is required for a general plant, factory, warehouses and any other spaces in an industrial setting.

Still unsure of what type of cleaning you need? Why not contact a professional cleaning company in Singapore to assist you? Here at Imperial Services, our staffs will be more than happy to answer your queries or give you a free quote on the services that we provide.

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