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    Building Maintenance Services In Singapore

    facility management project manager in Singapore

    Contruction, Mechanical, Electrical Works

    Commercial and residential buildings rely heavily on HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. Imperial Services is also capable of replacing or repairing electrical components in the building's HVAC system

    Landscape Maintenance

    Landscape pruning, shearing, fertiliser application, and even pest control and disease treatment

    Pest Control Management

    From inspection to monitoring, to eradication, and implementing long-term preventive plans for pest management

    Other Utilities Management (Soft & Hard Services)

    > M&E Systems & Equipment Maintenance
    > Sanitary & Plumbing Maintenance
    > Mechanical Maintenance (HVAC, ACMV Systems)
    > Lighting & Electrical Maintenance
    > Utilities Maintenance
    > Logistics and AV Technical Support Services
    > Security Management
    > Waste Disposal Management
    > Car Park Management
    > Crisis Management
    > Contracts Procurement Management
    > Fire Management

    The Importance of Building Maintenance

    Building maintenance is needed in each and every development to ensure that the value of the property does not diminish. Furthermore, it will continue to fulfil its function by providing convenience for tenants and occupants inside.

    Preventive building maintenance is a service that helps keep facilities operational. Preventive maintenance ensures building failures do not happen; corrective maintenance addresses failures when they do occur.

    To ensure that the building’s maintenance costs are as low as possible, management should perform an accurate cost estimate. To provide an accurate cost projection, management needs to accurately track the costs of all ongoing maintenance work.

    Low Failure Rate

    Ensuring that facilities and utilities are operating at its best capacity at all times

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    Fast Turnaround Time

    In the event of any facility downtime, the managing team will be there to reduce downtime quickly

    What You Need To Know

    Building maintenance can be hard to manage, especially with various stakeholders involved, and many moving parts to coordinate.

    If you don’t have an integrated solution, problems will occur in areas that may not be easy to spot at first glance. Good building maintenance services help avoid breakdowns, and boost overall productivity. It helps you achieve higher returns on investment in equipment, machinery & property by maximising their full life cycle. Poor building maintenance can lead to costly repairs or even loss of income due to downtime or disruption caused by unplanned events such as power outages, etc.

    Our building maintenance services are designed to help our clients save time and to reduce several risk factors, while providing them with a holistic and integrated service.

    We offer a full range of integrated building maintenance solutions in Singapore that provide you with the most comprehensive support package available for your property’s needs. You’ll have one point of contact from start to finish, which means less hassle for you and more efficiency when it comes to getting things done right the first time around.

    What Does Building Maintenance Comprise Of?

    Building maintenance (especially for residential areas) typically includes making sure that common areas are clean, removing trash regularly, and repairing items when they break. It may also include inspecting or maintaining electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, or other utility services.

    Stakeholders Involved In Building Maintenance

    Building maintenance is part of facility management in Singapore.

    In facility management, there are various stakeholders involved:

    • Subsidiary proprietor (SP)
    • Management corporation (MC)
    • Owner / developer
    • Council
    • Managing agent
    Management Corporation Diagram

    Why Engage Imperial Services For Building Maintenance

    Customised Planning

    Our wide expertise range ensures we can offer you a fair quotation based on the extent of work required for your building

    Strong Manpower Support

    With our workforce and investment in technology, we are capable of meeting your building maintenance requirements

    Integrated Team For Each Component

    We have put in place processes and training to ensure that all the required skill sets are present to handle various project requirements

    Responsive Project Managers

    A dedicated account manager is available to provide updates and support for your team round the clock

    We Provide Building Maintenance For The Following Venues:

    office facility and building management

    Office Spaces and Shophouses

    Our company manages a variety environmental issues like fire and CO alarms, as well as providing care for your offices

    industrial facility and building management

    Industrial Factories

    We provide one-stop solutions to manage the operations and performance of industrial space property, giving you peace of mind throughout

    schools facility and building management

    Schools and Other Learning Institutes

    Our solutions focus on effective facilities management, which can strengthen the quality of your teaching environments, improve the culture of schools, and support each student's educational outcomes

    hotels facility and building management


    We manage everything from: fire safety, to M&E maintenance, to lighting works, to lift and elevator management, to security, and of course, landscape maintenance and cleaning

    clinics hospitals facility and building management

    Clinics & Hospitals

    As facilities managers, we constantly monitor the buildings and facilities for smooth patient pathways and for optimal use of space

    Our Track Record

    Their cleaners and staffs are very reliable and some of them even go beyond their normal duties to ensure that my office is cleaned to its best condition. I can see that they ensure that their cleaners are well trained, well equipped and responsible.

    –  Sebastien Koh Kuok Fong

    I want to thank Imperial Services for listening patiently to all of my requests and making working with you so hassle-free. The representatives really showed flexibility in coming out with the most suitable package for my company. Kudos to your team!

    – Joseph Susilo

    Their company is very efficient in their planning as well as in their execution. Thanks Imperial for helping to keep my premises cleaned and to be a great environment for my employees to work in!

    – Jian Hong

    Within a short period of time, they were able to help settle all the necessary paper work and execute their plan as promised. I am so grateful to have found such an accommodating cleaning agency to clean my condo apartment.

    – Oliva Yap

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