Commercial & Office Cleaning

Commercial & Office Cleaning

office cleaning services
office cleaning services


Maintaining the cleanliness of your Commercial Buildings & Offices plays a vital role in portraying a professional and reliable image of the company. It is also necessary for maintaining clean and hygienic surroundings, which is important for the health and morale of your employees. Therefore, regular professional maintenance should be practiced for your office space.

For commercial and office cleaning services you can count on, choose Imperial Services, the preferred professional cleaning company in Singapore. Our span of knowledge and professionalism covers general and common areas, offices, toilets, corridors, lifts, carpets and upholstery. With the commercial cleaning by Imperial Services, your office will look its best at all times.

​Stay focused on what you do best. Leave the maintenance to us.

Regular office cleaning by imperial just for you

Keeping surroundings clean in a workplace can be a time-consuming and complicated process, and yet professionalism and efficiency will be compromised if workplaces are not cleaned on a regular basis. That’s where our commercial and office cleaning services come in. As the number one cleaning service in Singapore, we are the go-to destination for businesses all across the city. Our professional cleaners all have many years of experience providing cleaning services for organisations of all sizes, and work hard to ensure that minimal disruption is caused in the process. Through our dedication to always delivering the best results, we have developed a relationship with many of the leading businesses in Singapore, helping to keep countless offices and workplaces neat and tidy with our commercial cleaning services.

To schedule a visit from one of our cleaners or for more information about the range of services that we provide at Imperial Services, speak to a member of the friendly team today by paying a visit to our contact page.


What To Look For In An Office Cleaning Company?

  • Variety of Services

Every commercial space is different. Some only require the basic cleaning services, while others are in need of more specialized cleaning (e.g. cleaning a carpet floor calls for more specific cleaning than vinyl flooring). It is recommended to hire a cleaning company that provides more than just the standard services.

  • Scheduling Ability

Some businesses prefer to have their cleaning company come in during operating hours, while others prefer to have it cleaned when there is no staff around. A competent office cleaning company in Singapore should be able to work their cleaning schedule according to your preferences.

  • Technological Capabilities

Certain parts of your commercial space might require a more specific kind of cleaning expertise and cleaning equipment, thus hiring a professional cleaning company means you do not have to worry about that.

  • Efficient Workers

Efficiency makes for a productive office cleaning company, but you should also be able to trust the cleaners that you hire.

  • Insurance Coverage

It is important to make sure that the company that you hire has insurance to protect against any incident that might happen towards their employees.

  • Green Cleaning

Ask your cleaning company if the products that they are using are environmentally friendly. If their products contain harsh chemicals, they might do damage to your property as well as harm the air quality surrounding your workplace.

  • Transparent Pricing

Choose a company that presents you with a pricing proposal tailored to your needs and does not have any hidden charges in their pricing. Engage in one today and seek to understand the scope of their work with regards to their commercial cleaning services.

We provide cleaning for the following commercial venues:

office spaces and shophouses

Office Spaces and Shophouses

Imperial Services’ cleaning service for offices and shophouses include carpet deep cleaning and vacuuming, general housekeeping, and the regular daily janitoral services.

industrial factories

Industrial Factories

Besides industrial cleaning services such as the removal of combustible dust that poses as a fire hazard and reduces machine efficiency, we also provide general cleaning services for all factory offices.

school and other learning institutes

Schools and Other Learning Institutes

Our cleaning services for institutions are centered around safety and security for all students and staff. We provide for clean and safe classrooms for learning, as well as a productive working environment for all teaching staff by a thorough wiping down of their offices.



Imperial Services provides hotels with quality cleaning services so that your guests will experience an enjoyable stay at your hotel. We also offer to clean all management offices.



Our clinic cleaning services uses the best products to reduce the risk of infection in all clinical offices, examination rooms, and other areas.