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    Curtain Cleaning Services In Singapore

    Curtains are bulky, heavy and difficult to remove. If you don’t have the time or ability to clean them yourself, it’s hard to find a good curtain cleaner in Singapore who can do it for you.

    It is often a headache cleaning your own curtains at home because of the time it takes, and the effort required to clean them thoroughly.

    Here at Imperial Services, we offer an affordable and fast curtain cleaning service with free pickup across all areas of Singapore. Our team is highly trained and experienced at handling curtains of all types – from delicate silks to thick velvet drapes, we handle them all! Try out our curtain cleaning services today.

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    What Is Included In Our Curtain Cleaning Treatment

    Dismantling & installation

    Let us do the heavy lifting for you as we handle your curtains with care

    Steam Cleaning

    We offer same day on-site curtain cleaning. A specially designed machine for steam cleaning that operates at up to 95° degrees without harming your curtains' materials and kills 99% of common household bacteria.

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    Disinfection application

    Our curtain cleaning system eliminates deeply embedded dirt, dust and stains, while disinfecting the material to rid it of bacteria and dust mites

    Our Curtain Cleaning Process

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    Curtain inspection

    First our experts will conduct an inspection to assess the condition of your curtain, this includes checking for any damages or staining which may have occurred over time. After inspection of your curtain we will proceed to weigh your curtains and recommend the extend of cleaning it needs

    Packing & segregating them

    We will carefully segregate your curtains into different types of fabrics separately - as different treatment types have to be applied to suit the fabric that is being treated

    cleaning application

    We will apply our treatment on the curtains such as dry cleaning for silk or stain remover for wool. Our cleaning procedure is carried out under strict supervision of our quality control experts

    Drying and installation

    Lastly, we will dry your curtains and proceed to install them back to their original positions

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    Engage A Reliable Cleaning Specialist Today

    If you are searching curtain cleaners in Singapore, stop your search as Imperial Services is the name that you should trust for cleaning. We have a team of flexible workers, and our project managers have been in the business for a great period of time

    The Importance of Getting Your Curtain Cleaned

    The downside to dirty curtains is they provide homes for allergens like pollen and mold. Cleaning your curtains will greatly reduce allergies. Secondly, dust levels get kept low. Next, the curtains end up smelling better – thereby reducing odours greatly. Lastly, they look great. You may have got used to gray curtains but if you clean them, you will be shock to see the after results.

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    Extending its lifetime value

    A clean curtain that is properly cleaned will be able to last for a long time without affecting its quality and appearance

    sofa cleaning eliminate bacteria

    Greatly Reduce Unseen Allergens

    Cleaning your curtains will help to reduce allergens greatly. Allergens like pollen and dust are often found in your curtains. Dust particles will also result in a build up of mites, which can be harmful

    Our Assurance

    Tailored Experience

    We are able to serve you right from the start when we first receive your enquiry. During our visit, we will take down as much information as possible in order to ensure our customer receives the best service

    Strong Manpower Support

    We offer a professional curtain cleaning service that fit in with your schedule, so there is no need for you to worry about whether or not the job will be achieved on time

    Strict Processes & Standards

    Our cleaners also do a thorough inspection of your curtains before and after the cleaning process

    Experienced Project Managers

    Our experienced project managers are here to ensure that the job is completed on time and budget, as well as to ascertain that all your requirements are met

    Get Your Curtains Cleaned In No Time

    We’re the fastest turnaround for curtain cleaning in Singapore. Our 3 day service is one of the fastest turnaround times you can find, and we have your curtains back on your windows within 72 hours after booking

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    Common Questions About Curtain Cleaning In Singapore

    How much does it cost to get my curtains to be dry cleaned?

    For dry cleaning, curtain dismantling and installation of a $9 per kg will cost an additional $3 per kg which is $12 per kg. Laundry services on the other hand are generally priced at about $7 per kg. But such prices can vary depending on preferences. Another factor influencing cost would be the number of curtains involved.

    How often should one wash their curtains?

    Though you may only need a curtain to be cleaned every 3-6 months, more frequent cleaning may be required depending on the following reasons: allergies in your home, or family members who smoke.

    How do you get wrinkles out of blackout curtains?

    The easiest method of removing wrinkles from blackout curtains is to use an iron and steam. Collect the curtains together so that the creased sections are pointed in one direction. Then press them with a steaming garment like a towel on top of your curtain, making sure not to burn yourself.

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