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    Mattress Cleaning Services In Singapore

    Your mattress is the most important piece of furniture in your home. It’s where you spend a third of your life, but somehow it seems to always get neglected until something goes wrong.

    Dirt, stains and dust mites are a fact of life. They can be found on all mattresses and pillows. The problem is that many mattress cleaning companies use harsh chemicals to remove these dirt particles which usually end up damaging your mattress’ health in the process.

    Our team uses special chemical free technology that will leave your mattress looking like new again without exposing yourself or anyone else in the family to toxic chemicals that could be harmful and cause allergic reactions. We’ll leave behind only fresh air!

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    Key benefits of our mattress cleaning services

    100% safe for children and pets

    Our mattress cleaning solutions are 100% safe for children and pets, with no harsh chemical which may cause allergy

    eradicates micro-organisms

    Removing allergens from your mattress can greatly reduce the symptoms of asthma, eczema, and other allergies, and could greatly help to improve your sleep as well

    mattress cleaning that extends shelf life

    We extend the life of your mattresses

    We extend the life of your mattress with our mattress cleaning services. The unique cleaning solution can remove dust mites, moulds, germs, dander, urine odour from mattresses effectively while leaving the mattresses fresh and dry

    How Our Mattress Cleaning Treatment Works

    Mattress Inspection

    We start off with a mattress inspection. This will help identify the correct cleaning steps, guide us towards more effective solutions and point out areas that may not be easily noticed on first look

    Implementation of the right methodology

    Next, we will provide you with a custom solution for your specific mattress cleaning needs through the evaluation of our inspection results

    Execution onsite

    From inspection to monitoring, to eradication, and implementing long-term preventive plans for pest management

    After review

    After the cleaning process is over, our mattress cleaning team will review the results, and provide tips for further improvements of air quality in your bedroom

    Engage A Reliable Cleaning Specialist Today

    Mattresses may contain millions of dust mites and their excrement, dead skin flakes, sweat, blood, urine stains, fleas and other bugs. Mattress hygiene is necessary for a variety of reasons such as: improved sleep quality; newfound health; relief from allergies or asthma. Thus, it is crucial to engage a reliable cleaning company in Singapore to help you with that.

    The Importance of Getting Your Mattress Cleaned

    Dust mites love mattresses, and mattresses often experience poor ventilation. Over time, it would not be difficult for a warm and moist environment to be encouraged, where dust mite, bacteria and mould start to grow. This would seriously affect your hygiene levels.
    sofa cleaning eliminate bacteria

    Removing harmful bacteria & dust mites

    Ensuring that facilities and utilities are operating at its best capacity at all times

    be free of allergies and infections

    In the event of any facility downtime, the managing team will be there to reduce downtime quickly

    Our Assurance

    Affordable Tailored Solutions

    Our wide expertise range ensures we can offer you a fair quotation based on the extent of work required for your cleaning project

    Strong Manpower Support

    Our strong training implementation and workforce ensures that our cleaners are ready to do even same day mattress cleaning for you

    Integrated Team For Each Component

    We have strict processes in place to ensure that our service quality is always maintained at the highest standard

    Responsive Project Managers

    A dedicated account manager will allocated to oversee your project; ensuring that the end result is desirable

    Be free of mould, bacteria, and dust mites today

    We offer affordable pricing for our cleaning services and we are available 7 days a week islandwide. Call now for details on how we can help you with your next mattress cleaning project!

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    Common Questions About Mattress Cleaning In Singapore

    How much does it cost to clean a mattress?

    Building maintenance (especially for residential areas) typically includes making sure that common areas are clean, removing trash regularly, and repairing items when they break. It may also include inspecting or maintaining electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, or other utility services.

    What can I put on my mattress to clean it (DIY cleaning solution)?

    Never soak your mattress or apply water or cleaning solution directly to it. Memory foam, for example, isn’t supposed to get wet at all.

    To clean a mattress, an enzyme cleaner can work (easily available in the market). To make a homemade solution, mix dish soap and water and use that to brush the stain.

    Baking soda is another miracle worker as it helps to break down acid and absorb any remaining moisture or odour.

    Can baking soda kill dust mites?

    Baking soda – without any soap or chemicals – is highly effective at removing moisture and deodorizing, but it won’t kill dust mites. It can however make the area unsuitable for dust mites by soaking up any moisture.

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