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    Pests can cause a lot of damage to your home or business. They are also responsible for spreading diseases and allergens that can make you sick. Not only that, but it can tarnish your business’ reputation and affect the morale of your employees.

    DID YOU KNOW: that many DIY solutions do work well only in certain instances? Many DIY solutions do help to kill pests that are on the surface and can be seen, but they do not help in diagnosing the root cause of your pest issues in your premise, and they are usually not targeted for the long-term. In addition, many DIY solutions also pose a risk when used inappropriately and can cause harm to you and your family members who are at home.

    We provide pest management solutions to homes and businesses across Singapore. Our complete and comprehensive portfolio of services include general pest control, bed bug control, cockroach management service, rodent control, ant removal and Pest Control. Our one-stop pest shop caters to all your pest management needs – including private homes, commercial spaces and HDB apartments. Our professional pest control services are kept at affordable prices. Our solutions are eco-friendly and addresses the root source of the problem.

    Termites pest control

    Termites Pest Control

    Termite proofing to pre-construction, to post-construction, with termite soil treatment integration

    Bedbugs Control

    Residual spraying to heat treatment to preventive application and ongoing bedbugs detection

    ants pest control

    Ants Control

    Residual spraying to gel baiting, to ant poison and trap implementation and ongoing detection

    Cockroach Control

    Nest identification to cockroach residual spraying to gel baiting and follow up monitoring in Singapore

    flies pest control

    Flies Control

    Flies treatment application to flies light trapping implementation on the right spots in your premise

    mosquitos pest control

    Mosquitos Control

    We provide mosquitos fogging, zone treatment and mosquitos traps implementation

    Rats / Rodent Control

    From baiting (drawing out rats in hiding) to trap implementation to rat disposal

    Fumigation Services

    Safe chemical treatment application – for your home or your garden (when applicable)

    The Importance of Pest Management In Singapore


    With more operations resumed, there will be more activities and movements taking place. As more employees return to the office, engagement and movements around increase. Increase movement = higher potential for cross contamination and infestation. Lesser eyeballs also means higher chance for poor waste management. As we gear up to resume normal operations, there may be a lapse in pest containment and facility maintenance.

    AT HOME:

    Experiencing a pest infestation is stressful and costly. It can cause furniture to be damaged and result in expensive future repairs. Not only that, but it can affect your peace of mind and overall well-being.

    pest control disease

    Disease & Allergies Prevention

    Skin infections, urinary tract infections, intestinal infections, dengue, malaria and food poisoning are just a few of the diseases and health problems that pests can cause. They also carry a number of bacteria and viruses that can affect human and animal health

    pest control premise destruction

    Avoiding Structural Destruction

    Ants and termites are known to damage furniture because of their habit of nesting in the wood. Thus, having a proper pest control system in place will help to avoid premise destruction

    pest control premise integrity

    Maintaining Your Premise Integrity

    Having pests in your home can cause losses of revenue and compromise the structural integrity of your property. It also damages the reputation for businesses

    Why Choose Imperial Services

    Full Facility Management Service Company

    With our wide range of pest control expertise, we are able to offer a transparent quotation based on the extend of the scope of work your facility requires

    We Match The Right People With The Right Equipment

    With our strong investment in the right technology, manpower, and equipment, we are more than equipped to help meet your facility requirements

    Great Service Guarantee & Warranty

    Our processes and training ensure that we have the all the right expertise to meet various project components

    Our Integrated Pest Management Services

    facility management project manager in Singapore

    Cleaning & Disinfection

    Management programs - To ensure the cleanliness and security of all common areas, we provide regular cleaning services. We can also provide a non-hazardous Disinfection Management Program which is a safe, effective way to protect the health and safety of residents.

    Landscape Design & Maintenance

    Landscape pruning, shearing, fertiliser application, and even pest control and disease treatment.

    Pest Control Management

    From inspection to monitoring, to eradication, and implementing long-term preventive plans for pest management.

    Other Utilities Management (Soft & Hard Services)

    > M&E Systems & Equipment Maintenance
    > Sanitary & Plumbing Maintenance
    > Mechanical Maintenance (HVAC, ACMV Systems)
    > Lighting & Electrical Maintenance
    > Utilities Maintenance
    > Logistics and AV Technical Support Services
    > Security Management
    > Waste Disposal Management
    > Car Park Management
    > Crisis Management
    > Contracts Procurement Management
    > Fire Management

    We Provide Pest Management For The Following Venues:

    office facility and building management

    Residential & Commercial Properties

    Our company manages a variety environmental issues like fire and CO alarms, as well as providing care for your offices

    industrial facility and building management

    Industrial Factories

    We provide one-stop solutions to manage the operations and performance of industrial space property, giving you peace of mind throughout

    schools facility and building management

    Schools and Other Learning Institutes

    Our solutions focus on effective facilities management, which can strengthen the quality of your teaching environments, improve the culture of schools, and support each student's educational outcomes

    hotels facility and building management


    We manage everything from: fire safety, to M&E maintenance, to lighting works, to lift and elevator management, to security, and of course, landscape maintenance and cleaning

    clinics hospitals facility and building management

    Clinics & Hospitals

    As facilities managers, we constantly monitor the buildings and facilities for smooth patient pathways and for optimal use of space

    Our Track Record

    Their cleaners and staffs are very reliable and some of them even go beyond their normal duties to ensure that my office is cleaned to its best condition. I can see that they ensure that their cleaners are well trained, well equipped and responsible.

    –  Sebastien Koh Kuok Fong

    I want to thank Imperial Services for listening patiently to all of my requests and making working with you so hassle-free. The representatives really showed flexibility in coming out with the most suitable package for my company. Kudos to your team!

    – Joseph Susilo

    Their company is very efficient in their planning as well as in their execution. Thanks Imperial for helping to keep my premises cleaned and to be a great environment for my employees to work in!

    – Jian Hong

    Within a short period of time, they were able to help settle all the necessary paper work and execute their plan as promised. I am so grateful to have found such an accommodating cleaning agency to clean my condo apartment.

    – Oliva Yap

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