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    Post Renovation Cleaning Services In Singapore

    We are all aware of the fact that renovations can be messy. But once you start living in a new home, it is also important to make sure that every surface and fixture has been cleaned thoroughly before moving in.

    Post renovation cleaning requires the right kind of expertise and equipment – to perform extensive deep cleaning. Finding an expert cleaner is hard work, especially since you may not have much experience in this area.

    At Imperial Services, we offer post renovation cleaning services that are reliable and affordable. Our cleaners are vetted thoroughly before they join our team so we can ensure their professionalism and integrity at all times. Our solutions do not break the bank and are catered to your premise. We aim to make sure that we will leave your premise better than it was before.

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    What Is Included In Our Post renovation package

    post renovation vacumming

    vacuuming, mopping, wipe down

    We ensure that the entirety of the flooring are vacuumed. We wipe down all hard floors with a reliable cleaning solution designed to clean off heavy dirt, and improve its overall look and feel as well

    deep scrubbing and polishing

    We go through every single room, wiping down every fixture and polish reflective surfaces. Our standard package includes cleaning of all ceiling fans and ceiling lights. Cleaning of stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, and ovens, etc.

    post renovation other deep cleaning carpet cleaning

    Other deep cleaning solutions

    Our other add on services include: marble polishing, carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, etc. We even offer pest control solutions if needed

    Our Post Renovation Cleaning Process

    Home inspection and quotation

    Commercial and residential buildings rely heavily on HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. Imperial Services is also capable of replacing or repairing electrical components in the building's HVAC system

    Deep cleaning execution

    Our professionally trained cleaners will be dispatched to your home and carry out a thorough cleaning process of everything in your premises. We thoroughly clean the entire house from ceilings to floors, walls and windows to doors as well as toilets, showers etc.

    add on services (if needed)

    As a 1-stop cleaning company, we provide other support (if needed) such as: painting works, marble floor polishing, and even pest control services

    After review

    Before we leave your premise, our supervisor will conduct a follow up meeting with you to ensure that we have completed the job well.

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    Engage A Reliable Cleaning Specialist Today

    The problem with post renovation cleaning is that it is a very time consuming process, and it requires specialised equipment to ensure the job gets done right.

    Post renovation work can be a very tedious process if you do not have the proper equipment or expertise required for this type of cleaning. If you want your home to look as good as new after all the construction works are complete, then we highly recommend hiring a reputable professional cleaning company that will get the job done right without costing an arm and a leg.

    Here at Imperial Services, you can gain access to our state-of-the art machinery and products to make sure that every inch of your home is spotless, without paying a high price for it

    The Importance of Post Renovation Cleaning

    One of the two major hazards in an unfinished space are the amount of dust and dirt particles that linger in the air. This can show up on surfaces, making it unsafe to live or work there. That is why you may notice that you would constantly need to clean your place after a renovation work is done.

    post renovation indoor air pollution

    indoor air pollution

    Indoor air pollution is real. A pre-renovation cleaning can reduce the amount of contaminants entering your home, but it would not be enough to fully eliminate the old structures' dirt. Experts say that post renovation cleaning is necessary for every project, regardless of the type and scale

    post renovation unseen particles

    Unseen partiles that linger

    The other hazard is the possibility that there are still remnants of old paint or sealant on the walls and floors. The material may have been scraped off during renovation, but particles still remain in tiny grooves and pores left behind. If you try to wipe them out using a regular cleaning solution, chances are it will either not work at all

    Our Assurance

    Customised Planning

    Each premise is unique, and you can be assured that our cleaning consultants will be able to scale our solutions to meet any premise size

    Strong Manpower Support

    With a strong backing in manpower, expertise, and machinery, we are able to cater to a wide range of cleaning requirements

    Integrated Team For Each Component

    We offer a wide range of cleaning services, which also means that we have a specialised team for each component

    Responsive Project Managers

    We ensure that a dedicated account manager will be attached to your project to do a proper after review and handover for you

    Get A Thorough deep clean of your premise after renovation

    Our cleaning company will provide sufficient manpower support as well as equipment needed for your premise project. You can choose from different packages depending upon how much area needs to be covered by them during each session. Speak to our post renovation cleaning experts today.

    deep cleaning services for post renovation

    Common Questions About Post Renovation Cleaning In Singapore

    Why are new houses always so dusty?

    Firstly, it is common for much dust to linger around after a major renovation work.

    Another reason for the dust could be due to poor air filtration system or your HVAC system is not trapping dust properly.

    The dust in your home can accumulate for a variety of reasons. There may be too much airborne particulate or not enough air moving, allowing some layers to settle.

    Top reasons to get your area cleaned after renovation

    • Avoid debris and dust build up
    • Indoor air pollution is a real threat and can contribute to health issues
    • Experienced cleaners are needed to help clean hard to reach areas
    • It requires different machinery and expertise to clean areas such as: flooring
    • Traditional cleaning methods simply will not cut it

    How do you get rid of dust after house renovation (DIY solution)?

    Start by cleaning your carpets (that trap dusts easily) and soft furniture.

    Followed by cleaning walls and wiping down polish furnishings and hard surfaces.

    For homeowners who have just finished a renovation project, changing the air filters in their house, or clearing its ventilation system is essential to decrease the amount of dust that flows into the rest of it.

    Proceed to do the final clean up touches: cleaning of light fixtures, appliances, decorative items, etc.

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