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    Sofa Cleaning Services In Singapore

    The sofa can be one of the most used furniture in your home. It has a higher chance to get dirty than other furniture as it is often used for: sitting, sleeping and even during eating!

    It is also constantly exposed to:

    • Dirt and dust
    • Bacteria and germs
    • Stains and odours build up

    Dirt and dust can cause skin irritations, allergies or respiratory problems. Not only that, but without proper deep cleaning, your sofa can be a strong breeding ground for dust-mites, which can only lead to increase your chances of allergic reactions. Therefore, it is important to keep your sofa clean for hygiene reasons but also for the comfort of everyone in your family.

    Our sofa cleaning services in Singapore are affordable as we offer fixed prices based on our quality standards and equipment used. We use only eco-friendly products which are safe for children and pets too!

    sofa cleaning removing stains in singapore

    What Is Included In Our Sofa Treatment

    sofa stain and odour treatment removal singapore

    Stain & Odour Treatment

    We have the experience and the know-how to clean up even a tough stain. One type of difficult-to-clean blood stains is menstrual blood that can't be cleaned with water alone as it may have absorbed in fabrics. We will also take care of the odour that is hard to get rid of, with our one-of-a kind odour treatment

    Dustmite Treatment

    Allergy and asthma sufferers will find relief from the symptoms of sneezing, sore throat, watery eyes after our dustmite treatment. In addition, we provide a series of deep cleaning treatments tailored to your sofa's material

    Conditioning Treatment

    Be it leather or fabric, we will apply the right conditioning treatment to ensure that the overall look and feel of your sofa is maintained (and not looking faded)

    How Our Sofa Cleaning Treatment Works

    Vacuuming and removing dust

    We start of sucking out the dirt that are on the surface of your sofa. The aim is to loosen up the particles as well, which will make the next step easier

    Stain & odour removal

    We will begin to apply our deep sofa cleaning solution that will tackle the hard to remove stains and odour, before we proceed to wash out or remove the solution (depending on the sofa's material)

    Disinfection spray treatment

    After the stains are removed, we will proceed to apply a disinfectant solution that aims to remove unseen bacteria and germs

    Leaving it to dry + after review

    After all the solutions are applied, our team will leave the sofa to dry and cover up and noticeable loose ends

    Work With a Reliable Cleaning & Disinfection Specialist Today

    • NO shrinkage
    • Low to no downtime
    • Eco-friendly solutions that are safe for children and pets
    • Optional upholstery shampooing service
    • Proper follow ups (1 free repeat review given)

    The Importance of Getting Your Sofa Cleaned

    A dirty sofa is not only an eyesore but also a breeding ground for bacteria, germs and dust mites. It is essential to keep the upholstery clean with regular professional cleaning in order to prevent any health issues.

    sofa cleaning eliminate bacteria

    Eliminate Bacteria & Harmful Viruses

    One key benefit of having your upholstery cleaned by professionals is that it will help to control what are known as bacteria, germs and allergens. We will ensure that your upholstery gets clean and keeps it bacteria-free

    sofa cleaning that saves you money

    Saves You Money In The Long-run

    Our sofa cleaning solutions help to extend the shelf life of your sofas, and it helps to reinstate its shape and look easily

    Our Assurance

    Solutions Tailored To Your Sofa Material

    Offering you a water-soluble and solvent based products - whichever that is applicable your leather or fabric sofa and couch

    Reliable Expertise Given

    With our workforce and investment in the right equipment and technology, we are capable of meeting your needs that outside of your initial requirements

    Effective Training & Strict Processes

    We have put in place processes and training to ensure that all the required skill sets are present so we can handle various project needs

    Responsive Project Managers

    Our account manager will be attached to your project and is available throughout the day to provide updates, answer questions, identify risks, help troubleshoot issues (if any)

    Engage A Reliable Sofa Cleaning Company In Singapore Today

    Your sofa is a big investment and should be treated as such.

    We know that your upholstery needs to be cleaned regularly for it to stay looking new, but if you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, a cost-effective way is to hire a professional sofa cleaning company in Singapore that offers reliable sofa cleaning expertise at affordable rates.

    Common Questions About Sofa Cleaning In Singapore

    How much does it cost to clean my sofa?

    Fabric sofa cleaning is usually cheaper than leather sofa cleaning. Here is the rough pricing in the market:

    • Fabric 1-seater sofa: $40-$80+
    • Fabric 2-seater sofa: Up to $100-160+
    • Fabric 3-seater sofa: Up to $150-$240+
    • Fabric L-shape sofa: $200-$320+
    • Leather 1-seater sofa: $50-$90+
    • Leather 2-seater sofa: $120-$180+
    • Leather 3-seater sofa: $180-$270+
    • Leather L-shape sofa: $250-$350+

    Which Sofa material is the easiest to clean?

    Microfiber sofas are easy to maintain and can withstand heavy use. They are stain-resistant and only require a damp cloth to clean spills. The ranking from easiest to hardest to clean would be: microfiber and leather, followed by velvet and vinyl.

    How To Remove Odour Smells From Your Couch (Easy DIY Way)

    (1) Use a brush – proceed to remove surface dirt

    To give your sofa the deep clean it needs, first remove any crumbs or dirt from both the surface and in-between the sofa cushions.

    (2) Use baking sofa (read your manual before doing so)

    Begin by applying baking soda to the entire sofa and leaving it there for 20 minutes. Once the time is up, vacuum the sofa using a brush attachment. To remove stubborn stains on your carpet, combine the baking soda with dry carpet cleaner and allow it to soak for another 20 minutes.

    (3) Use a steam cleaner

    Lastly, use a handheld steam cleaner to remove lingering odours from your sofa.

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